August 17, 2021 – Over 20 years ago, Edible Arrangements founder and Pakistani immigrant Tariq Farid envisioned a new type of product: an edible ‘flower arrangement’ of fruit carved to look like bouquets of flowers. Investors were skeptical. Some even told Farid the business would fail.

Fast forward. With over 1,300 stores worldwide, Edible Arrangements is a beloved American brand, growing sales by 45% year after year. The company has since expanded into flowers, produce, cards, and baked goods as well.

Tariq Farid, Founder & CEO, and Asma Farid, Vice President & Partner, sit down with the Council to share Edible Arrangements’ extraordinary success story. During the program, we learn how the entrepreneurial couple franchised the business, innovated their product lines, and drew from their immigrant backgrounds to shape the company’s values and endeavors. Moderated by CEO Megan Clark Torrey.



Founder & CEO, Edible Arrangements


Vice President & Partner, Edible Arrangements