MUN Mission

The World Affairs Council of Connecticut (CTWAC) Model United Nations (MUN) program engages high school students in international affairs. We provide beneficial skills for students’ college and professional careers and help them become future civic leaders.

CTWAC MUN Program History

Our MUN program is one of the country’s most established, continuous Model United Nations programs for high school students, with roots tracing back to Hartford High School in 1952.

The 1952, the CTWAC MUN program had about 130 participants. The international education program has grown each year since then. More than 950 high schools students from more than 30 schools around Connecticut currently participate in our student-run MUN program.

MUN Features

The CTWAC’s MUN program is exclusively student-run, offering students opportunities to take leadership positions and negotiate with peers. At CTWAC MUN, students experience the inner workings of international policy-making as they:

  • Tackle global issues and controversies
  • Draft resolutions
  • Navigate crisis scenarios
  • Debate solutions
  • Vote as representatives of their nations

Through the MUN program, students can to travel to New York to tour the United Nations, meet diplomats from the countries they are representing, and discuss timely global issues with the policy makers who are currently working to solve them.

The CTWAC also contributes to the development of the MUN curriculum for teachers and offers MUN participants exclusive access to international events and speakers.


“Model UN is a way to learn about the world in a fun and interesting way”

“We had some guest speakers who were refugees, which was really enlightening. That’s not something you get to see every day, especially as a high school student.”

“It’s definitely helped me with my confidence. I feel that I can talk to other people and not feel shy about what I have to say.”

“You learn how to talk to people in a way that helps them, helps you, and solves problems.”

“Model UN has made me a more globally engaged person.”

“I’m proud to say that now I am a more globally aware and active citizen.”

“In any job, you still need to be able to talk to people, you still need to be able to share your views in a way that people can understand, so it will always be useful, no matter what profession you choose.”