The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare

Zoom Webinar

The Kill Chain: Defending America in the Future of High-Tech Warfare Is the U.S. losing its military advantage? Join Christian Brose, author of The Kill Chain, Head of Strategy at Anduril Industries and Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, to discuss why the U.S. urgently needs to modernize and adapt its battle […]

Luminary Award 2020

Zoom Webinar

Rescheduled: October 1, 2020 For the first time ever, the Luminary Award will join forces with the Global Security Forum 2020 for one powerful week of events. On Thursday, October 1, we will have the honor of celebrating the local, national, and global leadership of Paul Bucha, Recipient of the Medal of Honor. All sponsorships […]

Renew America

Zoom Webinar

Renew America What impact does the polarization of U.S. civil society have on the world's security? How can we reckon with deep divisions within the U.S. in order to create a more united nation and secure world? Join us to discuss these urgent questions and their implications for national and global security. Featuring General Wesley […]

What the U.S. Election Means for Latin America

Zoom Webinar

On this live recording of State of the World: With all eyes on the United States as the 2020 election looms, few places will be affected as closely as our neighbors. As violence in the Northern Triangle pushes migrants north, a power struggle in Venezuela keeps the country in limbo and deforestation in the Amazon […]

John Brennan, Undaunted, in conversation with Janet Napolitano

Zoom Webinar

The World Affairs Council of Orange County in partnership with the World Affairs Council of Connecticut and RJ Julia Booksellers present: John Brennan, Undaunted, in conversation with Janet Napolitano Brennan pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the Agency, describing the selfless, patriotic, and invisible work of the women and men involved in […]

The Future of Work with Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys

Zoom Webinar

Ravi Kumar, President of Infosys, on the Future of Work In a time of rapid change, how will COVID-19 transform the way we work? What does the workplace of the future look like? We are joined by Ravi Kumar, President of Infosys, to discuss everything from digital transformation to hiring for potential over pedigree, our […]

State of the World | Special Election Edition

Zoom Webinar

This election is a defining moment for the U.S. and the world. Where do your fellow citizens stand? In this special pre-election conversation, Council leaders from diverse states across the nation talk will share what it's like on-the-ground in their communities leading up to the election, the global issues that their states are most focused […]

Model UN | Virtual United Nations Tours and Briefings

The World Affairs Council of Connecticut (CTWAC) Model United Nations (MUN) program engages high school students in international affairs and develops students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We empower students to become global citizens and to motivate positive change in the world. The Council’s MUN program is exclusively student-run, offering students opportunities to take leadership […]

Partner Event | Educating Toward An Anti-Racist World

Educating Toward An Anti-Racist World: Global Competence and Systemic Racism Hosted by the Columbus Council on World Affairs Featuring: Dr. Roberta Espinoza, Dr. Harvey Charles, Dr. Darla K. Deardorff RSVP HERE Global competence has become a staple in education curriculum. Schools and academic institutes of all kinds have recognized the need for students to be […]