About The Maps for All Initiative

The mission of the Maps for All (M4A) Initiative is to promote a greater awareness of global issues and a greater understanding of the connections between an individual’s community and world. This will create an environment that reflects an appreciation of a community’s place in America and the world.

The M4A Initiative began in 2009 to promote the display of World Maps in public places. Dr. Louise Loomis, founder of the ThinkWell Center LLC, created the Initiative after being dismayed by many instances of ignorance of political geography among numerous groups of people she met as an educator.

Dr. Loomis also realized that our visual environment is limited to selling goods and services, not World Maps, which reflect awareness of current globalism and provide opportunities for individual global education.

M4A and the World Affairs Council of Connecticut

M4A became part of the World Affairs Council of Connecticut (CTWAC) after considerable planning by representatives of both organizations and approval of CTWAC’s Board of Directors. The vision of M4A and CTWAC affiliation is a future for our state in which World Maps and other geographic representations are readily available to all.

After joining CTWAC, M4A initiated an ongoing program of providing an easel map and individual maps for attendees at CTWAC programs.

M4A is looking for individuals and/or organizations interested in this initiative. Locations abound.

Objectives of the M4A and CTWAC Affiliation:

  1. Support the CTWAC’s campaign to promote greater knowledge and understanding of global issues.
  2. Display World Maps and other geographic representations in public places.
  3. Offer instruction and programs to develop connections between maps and global issues.
  4. Integrate with existing CTWAC programs.

Currently objective #4 is in operation. M4A provides appropriate individual and group maps and map activities for CTWAC programs.